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HYpe HYpe HYpe – Cold War Kids & The Dream Recorder

July 5, 2009

This is first post based on the third topic in the “Trends, Friends & Hype”  blog.  For this week I have chosen to present you with two things rep-pre-zenting HYPE.  Make sure to bust out comments & links resembling hype.

Cold War Kids – The I’ve Seen Enough Experience


This one of a kind like experience allows you to be interactive with a Cold War Kids & choose your own combination of instruments. The first time I found this I was smiling for a good like 2.724 hours. Go ahead mix green with red with yellow & blue or go  blue-blue-blue-blue across the board & have the prepared colour version.  Either way  play have fun & enjoi this little DJ-like-experiment.

My favourite combination is redblueyellowred

The Dream Recorder



Apparently in every way possible you are able to record your dreams & more importantly learn from them.  Whether or not this site is accurate I had to jump aboard & learn more about the mystery that is the dream recorder.  Apparently you can study everything from your sleep patterns to what kind of dream you were having & how many times you tossed about throughout the night.  All you need is a computer with some sort of webcam & you too can study dreams.  Oddly enough I might give it a try & hopefully end up with Eternal Sunshine.

If you have any ideas whether its websites, new events or releases or anything which you feel would ‘hype’ an audience toss me an email or comment & feel free to share.



Mike “mglocks” McLaughlin

June 26, 2009


Mike “mgclocks” Mclaughlin a friend & aspiring director.  Mike is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School (VFS ) film production program, founder of City Bird Films & currently a freelancing Cinematographer/Director in the city of Edmonton.

He has Directed/Shot numerous music videos, short films, training videos, corporate non-sense, weddings, skate videos and most recently I had found out that Mike once shot a funeral.
Odd, absolutely.
As Mike said to me on the phone ” who wants to re-watch someones funeral. seriously.”

As part of this post I wanted to include some production photos from a short film of Mike’s entitled “Maia & Jonah” that I had the chance to work on as a Line Producer during the summer of 08′.

Here is the trailer & Some production photos.

Maia and Jonah – Short Film Trailer from Mike McLaughlin on Vimeo.


Rather then go through Mike’s CV which would take much more time then you I’m sure are willing to spend because Mike has worked on several productions & held many prestigious roles.

Instead, I am going to include for you the audience some links & work Mike has been a part of over the years.

Starring Luke Marvin and Meags Fitzgerald. Directed by: Mike McLaughlin © City Bird Films 2007
Plot: The Story of an Insomniac looking to find love and any possible solution to sleep

Muscle Music Video
Official Music Video for Steven Donald Robert Nelson’s “Muscles”
Director: Mike McLaughlin Producer: Jonathan Sturge

Steven Donald Robert Nelson – Muscles from Mike McLaughlin on Vimeo.

Finally, the moment you will all be looking forward to.
Each and every time I introduce you to a friend I will conduct a special unique interview.
I asked Mike a series of unique questions which should help highlight personality for you.

1) Favourite Film?

The Graduate… Why..?  “One of the first Indie movies.  I’m a big fan of the transitions between the bathroom & bedroom scenes.”

2) Favourite Director?

Clint Eastwood
Why..?    “He’s tough as nails. Tough like a moth-fucka just like my gramps”

3) Where do you want to be in five years?

I would like to be living somewhere rad where I can make features with awesome actors and work with talented people. It would be nice to have a full beard goin as well and be totally jacked but we’ll see.

4) Describe a film-related memory?

When I went to see Saving Private Ryan at the theater, I remember eating a whole bucket of popcorn before the opening scene. I had to leave soon after because I thought I was going to yakk. What about a music-related memory?… like    when I paid way too much to see Aerosmith in Winnipeg and they only played blues covers. I threw their disk off a bridge on the drive home.

5) First thing that comes to your mind?

I just put peanut butter and jam on of my rye bread, only I didn’t do it on the right sides so know when  I go to put my sandwich together, it won’t be flush.

6) Choose one or the other and give an example
Adventure or Activity?

Adventure:  Trying to work in Edmonton

7)Ask me a question?

You are given a 5 gallon jug and a 3 gallon jug in front of a fountain. Can you measure out exactly 4 gallons of water?

Yesssss of course, you would fill each of the jugs half full and you have exactly four gallons of water!  The perfect balance…

Thanks Mike for your time & for allowing me to share your magical work with the world.
Which friend will be next you ask? Maybe a graphic designer, maybe a musician..  maybe an animator… who really knows….

the answer will come for you three weeks for know.


Aerial Stop-Motion

June 13, 2009

Here it is finally!

The first post of my new blog Trends, Friends & Hype.
Trends for all the hipsters out there.
Friends for all my fascinating and talented artists that I want to share with you the world
Hype because everything needs hype in order to maintain a following

Each week except for this one of course I will be releasing a new post during the day on Friday.

For today’s post I have decided to highlight aerial stop-motion.  Here are two different yet similar videos.  Both containing different concepts but both following a similar production system. I will let you be the judge of these two pieces for yourself.  Both videos are quite amazing so I recommend you watch both as they could be enough to put that smile on your face for the day.

Next week I will present a piece of work from the Friends section.

Oren Lavie
Her Morning Elegance
Directed By: Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan 

Sorry I’m Late
Directed By: Thomas Mankovsky